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Hire an Expert Plumber in the Minneapolis, MN Area

When you need a plumber who is reliable, knowledgeable, and capable of solving your needs, get in touch with Service Star Plumbing. With over 23 years of experience and a strong reputation for quality service, you can count on us to provide you with the solutions you need at a cost you can afford. We serve customers in Minneapolis, MN and the surrounding areas.

Why call Service Star Plumbing, LLC?

Areas We Serve

Emergency Plumbing Services

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Comprehensive Plumbing Services, Personalized to Meet Your Unique Needs

Service Star Plumbing offers a wide variety of plumbing services for residential homes and commercial properties in the local area. We pride ourselves on our fine workmanship and dedicated customer service.
  • Plumbing Repairs: When you have a plumbing issue, it can quickly turn from an inconvenience to an emergency. Our plumbers have the expertise and capabilities to quickly diagnose your issue and offer a long-lasting, cost-effective solution. We deal with frozen pipes, leaks, broken faucets, clogged drains, and much more.
  • Sump Pump Installation: We install high-quality sump pumps with backup batteries to prevent basement flooding and reduce moisture in the most efficient way possible. Backup batteries can continue to power your system when the power goes out due to a storm.
  • Back-Flow Preventer Installation: Backflow contamination is a constant threat to many homes and commercial properties. We provide effective and affordable back-flow solutions to protect your drinking water.
  • Remodeling Projects: Kitchen and bathroom remodels often require plumbing to be rearranged. You may also need new fixtures and appliances to be installed and connected to your water/gas lines. We can work with your remodeling contractor to get the plumbing done according to plan.
  • Water Heaters: When it’s time to replace your water heater, you have a variety of options. New tankless models save space and are extremely energy efficient. However, they are more expensive than traditional tank models. We can help you select a water heater that meets your needs and install it with precision.
  • Gas Line Repair/Installation: Issues with your gas line can pose an immediate safety threat. We have the unique expertise to offer effective gas line repair and installation services.
  • Water Filtration/Softening Systems: A water filtration system or water softener can improve your entire home’s water quality for drinking, bathing, washing, etc. These systems remove unwanted minerals and contaminants from your water using cutting-edge, proven technology.

Get the Answers You Need and Schedule Your Plumbing Service Today

Our quality service stands out from other plumbing companies in the local area. If you are looking for a plumber to get the job done right the first time, get in touch with us today. We would be happy to answer your questions, walk you through your options, and offer a cost estimate for our services. Call (763) 760-9165 or fill out our online contact form today.
Areas We Serve:

  • Minneapolis, MN
  • Saint Paul, MN
  • Brooklyn Park, MN
  • Brooklyn Center, MN
  • New Hope, MN
  • Crystal, MN
  • Robbinsdale, MN
  • Golden Valley, MN
  • St. Louis Park, MN
  • Maple Grove, MN
  • Champlin, MN
  • Columbia Heights, MN
  • Fridley, MN
  • New Brighton, MN
  • Mounds View, MN
  • Arden Hills, MN
  • North Oaks, MN

Happy Customers

  • Dale G. Avatar
    Dale G.
    - Google

    Nathan came and assessed our situation. He gave us... read more

    Molly M. Avatar
    Molly M.
    - Google

    Amazing work done by Eric! He was punctual, timely and... read more

    William V. Avatar
    William V.
    - Google

    Very friendly and professional service. Thanks for your help!

  • Jordan S. Avatar
    Jordan S.
    - Google

    We had an issue with an odor coming from our... read more

    Erin R. Avatar
    Erin R.
    - Google

    Wonderful Customer Service! Would highly recommend!!

    Ryan K. Avatar
    Ryan K.
    - Google

    Nathan and Josh have been great to work with. ... read more

  • joseph l. Avatar
    joseph l.
    - Google

    Awesome company, prompt service and reasonable pricing.

    Roberta O. Avatar
    Roberta O.
    - Google

    Great job!!

    Brian E. Avatar
    Brian E.
    - Google

    Highly recommend Service Star Plumbing. Nate, the owner is a... read more

  • Stacey F. Avatar
    Stacey F.
    - Facebook

    Very thorough! Josh was great and did whatever it took... read more

    Randy H. Avatar
    Randy H.
    - Facebook

    Expensive replacement of my backflow preventer on my irrigation system. $995

    Brian E. Avatar
    Brian E.
    - Facebook

    They are professional, personal, and do quality work.

  • Chelsea P. Avatar
    Chelsea P.
    - Facebook

    We just bought a house in St. Michael and our... read more

    Adam T. Avatar
    Adam T.
    - Facebook

    Nathan is the man! Spoke with him after 9pm and... read more

    Dan S. Avatar
    Dan S.
    - Facebook

    Nate from service star plumbing was great to work with... read more

  • Lisa R. Avatar
    Lisa R.
    - Facebook

    Nathan was out to look at two toilets in my... read more

    Kristine M. Avatar
    Kristine M.
    - Facebook

    Nathan is reliable and knowledgable. He came out to help... read more

    Stephen S. Avatar
    Stephen S.
    - Facebook

    Nate is a great guy! He does great work for... read more

  • Amy B. Avatar
    Amy B.
    - Facebook

    Couldn't have asked for a better experience. Nathan arrived... read more

    Tony V. Avatar
    Tony V.
    - Facebook

    Best plumber ever. If you need any job done... read more

    Maria B. Avatar
    Maria B.
    5 star rating
    - Yelp

    Nathan at Service Star Plumbing was an all-star. No other... read more

  • Marcine P. Avatar
    Marcine P.
    - HomeAdvisor

    They were prompt, reasonable, Did quality work

    Matt S. Avatar
    Matt S.
    - HomeAdvisor

    Great work. Worked clean and efficient. They were quick to... read more

    Ebone M. Avatar
    Ebone M.
    - HomeAdvisor

    Gave me pricing for replacing one or two toilets. Fixed... read more

  • Brian E. Avatar
    Brian E.
    - HomeAdvisor

    Highly recommend Service Star Plumbing. Nate, the owner is a... read more

    Richard P. Avatar
    Richard P.
    - HomeAdvisor

    Quick same day service. My Mother in Law is very happy

    Evan C. Avatar
    Evan C.
    - HomeAdvisor

    My experience with Service Star was great. On the same... read more

  • Terri K. Avatar
    Terri K.
    - HomeAdvisor

    Very professional and courteous.

    David C. Avatar
    David C.
    - HomeAdvisor

    Nathan was very professional and understood my plumbing issues right... read more

    Deb H. Avatar
    Deb H.
    - HomeAdvisor

    Nathan responded immediately to my request for service. Josh did... read more

  • Derek H. Avatar
    Derek H.
    - HomeAdvisor

    Service Star was great. Had pipes freeze over - they... read more

    Steve T. Avatar
    Steve T.
    - HomeAdvisor

    Nathan was very responsive and got the job done quickly... read more

    Catherine K. Avatar
    Catherine K.
    - HomeAdvisor

    Iâ ve used this company before and again I am... read more

  • Don S. Avatar
    Don S.
    - HomeAdvisor

    Responded quickly via phone to my request via Angie's List.... read more

    Dennis H. Avatar
    Dennis H.
    - HomeAdvisor

    Nathaniel was a very pleasant and knowledgeable person. I appreciated... read more

    Catherine K. Avatar
    Catherine K.
    - HomeAdvisor

    Nathan is very professional and friendly. Gets the job done... read more

  • Mary Z. Avatar
    Mary Z.
    - HomeAdvisor

    Nathan was a skilled, experienced professional. He told me all... read more

    Libby L. Avatar
    Libby L.
    - HomeAdvisor

    Nathan came to our house quickly and promptly and replaced... read more

    Ranae N. Avatar
    Ranae N.
    - HomeAdvisor

    Nathan Peterson was awesome. On time cleaned up very nicely... read more

  • Wes H. Avatar
    Wes H.
    - HomeAdvisor

    Excellent service, timely, fair pricing, friendly, helpful suggestions over all... read more

    Bryan S. Avatar
    Bryan S.
    - HomeAdvisor

    Nathan was awesome, had a crunch time situation on new... read more

    Carla B. Avatar
    Carla B.
    - HomeAdvisor

    Professional and efficient with reasonable rates.

  • Cheryl G. Avatar
    Cheryl G.
    - HomeAdvisor

    They were awesome, did great work and excellent customer service

    Karen S. Avatar
    Karen S.
    - HomeAdvisor

    Great service

    Jan L. Avatar
    Jan L.
    - HomeAdvisor

    Prompt,professional. Cleaned up thoroughly after a very messy job.

  • Colleen M. Avatar
    Colleen M.
    - HomeAdvisor

    Very professional, helpful and so skilled!

    Kathryn B. Avatar
    Kathryn B.
    - HomeAdvisor

    Nathan was friendly, transparent, and came out on short notice... read more

    Bob O. Avatar
    Bob O.
    - HomeAdvisor

    Service Star Plumbing and Nathan did a tremendous job. He... read more

  • Joshua C. Avatar
    Joshua C.
    - HomeAdvisor

    My toilet waste pipe broke and I had an event... read more

    Kathleen S. Avatar
    Kathleen S.
    - HomeAdvisor

    Nathan showed up on time, was very personable, as well... read more

    Halima Q. Avatar
    Halima Q.
    - HomeAdvisor

    Very professional, knowledgeable, courteous,competent and a gentleman. The best part... read more

  • Larry R. Avatar
    Larry R.
    - HomeAdvisor

    Star plumbing was cautious and did a fine job. Not... read more

    Paul .. Avatar
    Paul ..
    - HomeAdvisor

    OUTSTANDING plumber, knowledgeable

    Jason .. Avatar
    Jason ..
    - HomeAdvisor

    the most knowledgeable guy i have ever met he took... read more

  • David A. Avatar
    David A.
    - HomeAdvisor

    Nathan was very courteous. He was very knowledgeable about plumbing... read more

    Cheryl A. Avatar
    Cheryl A.
    - HomeAdvisor

    Nathan and Josh replaced my kitchen faucet last week and... read more

    Anthony F. Avatar
    Anthony F.
    - HomeAdvisor

    NATHAM came out the same day and completed the work... read more

  • Maren S. Avatar
    Maren S.
    - HomeAdvisor

    Nathan fixed an ongoing problem with the pipes under the... read more

    John Y. Avatar
    John Y.
    - HomeAdvisor

    Nathan came to my plumbing rescue within hours of me... read more

    Paul B. Avatar
    Paul B.
    - HomeAdvisor

    This was my first experience with Nathan and I will... read more

  • Susan H. Avatar
    Susan H.
    - HomeAdvisor

    Nathan was everything we could have hoped for, prompt, courteous,... read more

    Tzoua L. Avatar
    Tzoua L.
    - HomeAdvisor

    Everything was expected that was planned. Excellent service!

    Gary A. Avatar
    Gary A.
    - HomeAdvisor

    Highly recommend! We had a leaking bathtub faucet that 3... read more

  • Carolyn K. Avatar
    Carolyn K.
    - HomeAdvisor

    Nathan did an amazing job for us, replacing pipes for... read more

    Valerie M. Avatar
    Valerie M.
    - HomeAdvisor

    Nathan's service was fabulous from the initial response to a... read more

  • 5 star rating

    Nathan at Service Star Plumbing was an all-star. No other companies would even consider taking the job of installing a... read more

    Maria B.
  • Nathan came and assessed our situation. He gave us 3 options to help our budget. The guy... read more

    Dale Gould
  • Amazing work done by Eric! He was punctual, timely and left the area very clean. The work itself looks great... read more

    Molly Merz
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